Deep Clean

Image by Christian Mackie


Clean all appliances exterior and interior

Clean exterior and interior cabinets 

Clean sink and countertops

Dust blinds, baseboards, light fixture

Clean interior windows and windowsills

Sweep and mop floor

Empty trash


Dust lamps, decorative items, furniture

Dust blinds, vents, light fixture, ceiling fan

Clean interior window and windowsill

Tidy up bedroom

Straighten up bed

Remove cobwebs

Vacuum/mop floor


Clean tub, shower, shower wall, toilet

Clean sink, vanity, mirror

Dust blinds, baseboards, vent, light fixture

Clean window and windowsills

Sweep and mop floor

Tidy up bathroom

Empty trash

Living Areas

Dust blinds, vents, baseboards

Dust light fixture, ceiling fan

Wipe down furniture, decorative items

Remove cobwebs

Clean interior windows, windowsills

Tidy up living area

Sweep/vacuum/mop floor

Before & After

image_6487327 (1).JPG
Dirty Tubb_edited.jpg
Clean tub_edited.jpg